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  • Apr 28th 2021

Rural Areas See Fall In Rental Property Supplied To The Market

At Andrew Lees Lettings, we appreciate the challenges of the past year has shifted how many landlords and tenants look at the rental market. Many people have looked to move home, and of course, there has been a change in the type of property, and location, ... more

  • Apr 20th 2021

Stay Up To Date With Eviction Ban Updates

If you need assistance in staying up to date with the rental sector, Andrew Lees is here to assist you. One pertinent issue that landlords must be aware of is the eviction ban status. The government has announced a further extension to the current ... more

  • Apr 13th 2021

Are Your Tenants Covered?

At Andrew Lees, we aim to bring landlords and tenants together. There are many issues to consider, but the matter of contents insurance is something landlords should think about. A survey of 1,000 tenants suggests that only around half have contents ... more

  • Apr 5th 2021

Does Your Rental Property Meet Modern Tenant Demands?

At Andrew Lees Lettings, we work hard to ensure landlords and tenants connect. The rental market is a challenging one, and it is understandable tenants want the best rental accommodation they can afford. We help landlords recognise these demands, and ... more

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