• Mar 12th 2020

Ways You Can Be A Better Landlord

If you are a landlord, or you would like to be a landlord, you may as well be the best landlord you can be. If you provide a good standard of service, there is a better chance of being a success. If a tenant likes what you offer, they will likely stay ... more

  • Mar 12th 2020

Advice Landlords Need To Know

Being a landlord is challenging, but it is far from an impossible mission. The level of demand for rental property is such that it is easy to see why many people are enticed by the role. However, as a landlord, you have a lot of regulations to comply ... more

  • Feb 14th 2020

Landlord Responsibilities When Renting Property

Being a landlord is a significant responsibility, but this major responsibility is made up of many smaller tasks and requirements. At Andrew Lees, we know landlords have a lot to do to keep tenants happy, and comply with regulations. If you are a landlord ... more

  • Jan 23rd 2020

Taunton Landlords – Deposit Disputes On The Rise

Being a landlord is often a challenging role, and a large part of the problems relate to the relationship between themselves and tenants. If you find a good tenant who pays on time, cares for the property and doesn’t cause you any problems, you should ... more

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