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  • Dec 29th 2020

Working Together In The Rental Market

At Andrew Lees, we know the importance of landlords and tenants working together. We are pleased to say we helped many landlords and tenants, and we look forward to assisting you. Research undertaken by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the JRF, indicates ... more

  • Dec 22nd 2020

Tenant Disputes – What Landlords Must Know

While you should do your best to avoid disputes with tenants, landlords should be aware that disputes will occur. At Andrew Lees, we are pleased to say we work closely with landlords and tenants. We also stay in touch with the latest research in the sector. The ... more

  • Dec 8th 2020

Rental Property Viewings

There is no denying the importance of, and how best to conduct, viewings is one of the leading topics in the rental market in 2020. At Andrew Lees, we know landlords and tenants are looking for guidance in this matter. We work closely with local landlords ... more

  • Dec 8th 2020

Lifestyle Changes Driving New Tenant Demand

At Andrew Lees, we know these are challenging times. There is considerable focus on the property market, but there is also high demand in the lettings market. If you are a local landlord, you should know there is considerable demand from tenants for ... more

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