• Nov 13th 2019

Property Management: Best Practice Guide

If you are a landlord, property management services are vital for your success. You can do everything yourself, but this takes time, and you may not be ideally suited to a lot of the work you have to do. A growing number of landlords turn to property ... more

  • Oct 21st 2019

What Does Landlord Insurance Cover?

If you are a landlord, you should have landlord insurance. Some lenders will not provide you with a buy to let mortgage unless you also arrange landlord insurance, so be sure to check your terms and conditions. However, even if this isn’t a requirement, ... more

  • Oct 21st 2019

Buy To Let Mortgage Advice For Landlords

If you’re a landlord looking to buy property to let to tenants, you probably need to arrange a buy to let mortgage. Having funding in place to purchase your intended rental property is crucial, and it is vital landlords know that obtaining a buy ... more

  • Oct 21st 2019

Letting To New Tenant With Existing Tenant In Place

As a landlord, you want to minimise void or empty periods in your rental property. When you don’t have a tenant, you don’t generate rental income. Sometimes, a landlord can use this period to good effect. This period may allow you to make changes ... more

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