• Oct 14th 2020

How To Sustain Tenancies In Difficult Times

At Andrew Lees, we are keen to support local landlords as best we can. We know these are challenging times, and many landlords are looking for guidance and support. If you would like to arrange an appointment regarding how to best manage your rental ... more

  • Oct 5th 2020

Gas Safety Requirements For Landlords

At Andrew Lees, we know landlords have a lot to consider. Staying in touch with regulations is often a full-time role, but we are here to help. If you need any assistance on compliance matters, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you. While ... more

  • Sep 27th 2020

Support For Renting From Major Name In UK Property Market

There is no denying that homeownership is viewed as a rite of passage here in the United Kingdom. This isn’t the same around the world, in many countries renting property is seen to be the norm, but here, people are encouraged to save for a home they ... more

  • Sep 27th 2020

Managing Rental Property Tips

While there has been considerable focus on the stamp duty holiday of late, there is still a high level of demand for rental property. It might be some new landlords are keen to enter the market, as they can save money on buying rental property. Landlords ... more

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