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  • Mar 23rd 2021

Eviction Ban Extension In Place To The End Of March

At Andrew Lees Lettings, we are fully committed to assisting landlords comply with regulations. We appreciate this has been a challenging year, and many landlords have had to make significant changes to their working practice. We also know there have ... more

  • Mar 17th 2021

Cleaning Remains Critical Issue Between Landlords And Tenants

There will always be disputes between landlords and tenants. The nature of the roles means that disagreements will occur, but of course, it is best for everyone if these issues can be minimised. At Andrew Lees Lettings, we work hard to ensure landlords ... more

  • Mar 9th 2021

Letting To Tenants With Pets?

It is understandable why many landlords would prefer to not let rental property to tenants with pets. It is also easy to see why many tenants are desperate to find rental accommodation which allows them to live with their pets. While most landlords ... more

  • Mar 3rd 2021

Landlords Prepare yourself For Capital Gains Tax Changes

Landlords have a lot to focus on, and you might not think impending or possible changes are worth your time right now. However, it is vital you make informed decisions, and at Andrew Lees Lettings, we want to ensure you make the right decision in managing ... more

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