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  • Jun 27th 2020

Tenants Want Video Views To Stay In Lettings Market

It is always useful for landlords to stay in touch with what tenants are looking for in rental property, and from the rental market. While landlords should have a clear idea on what they want to achieve for their own goals, working with tenants makes ... more

  • Jun 27th 2020

What Are Tenants Are Looking For Right Now

It is vital landlords pay attention to what tenants are looking for right now. There is a lot of information on offer in the market right now, and there is an opportunity for landlords to better understand what people want from them. Dorian Gonsalves ... more

  • Jun 27th 2020

June Figures Positive In Rental Market

The speed with which the housing and rental market re-opened in May caught many people by surprise, but the volume of activity in the market since then hasn’t been a shock. Many industry experts believed there would be a high level of demand for homes ... more

  • Jun 21st 2020

The Most Common Rental Repair Problems

It is vital every landlord is prepared for repair and maintenance work to be carried out at their rental accommodation. Savvy landlords account for time and money each year to ensure their rental property remains in excellent condition, and that unexpected ... more

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