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  • Feb 15th 2021

Later Life Renting Is Growing In Popularity

If you are a landlord, it is helpful to know what sort of tenant you would prefer to let to. It might be there is a predominant demographic of tenants in your local area, and by presenting your rental property to meet their needs, you enhance your chances ... more

  • Feb 9th 2021

Debt Respite Scheme To Launch In May

The Debt Respite Scheme, which is also known as Breathing Space, is set to come into effect as of May 2021. The scheme will provide people who have “problem debt” the right to receive legal protection from being chased by creditors. This ... more

  • Feb 9th 2021

Mortgage Lender Predicts Rental Market Will Remain Strong

While there is virtually daily analysis of the UK housing market, not as much coverage is given to the rental market. At Andrew Lees, we know our local market well, and we have every reason to believe there will be significant demand for rental property ... more

  • Feb 3rd 2021

What Should Landlords Offer In 2021?

If you are a landlord, it is vital you know what tenants are looking for. Knowledge of what is in demand in your local area helps you present your rental property in the most appropriate manner. At Andrew Lees, we are pleased to say we know the Bridgwater ... more

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