While a great deal has been said about the importance of community spirit and how well people have worked together of late, there is no denying that conflict exists between many neighbours. When you get on with your neighbour, life features less stress, but there are many reasons why people who live close together don’t get along.

This causes problems, not just for the residents, it is often a challenging issue for landlords too. If you have a tenant who is unruly, or your tenants are bothered by neighbours, you will often find you are in the middle of the process. Landlords need to find ways to keep tenants happy, and ensure they behave in a positive manner.

Landlords should be proactive in their local community

It is worthwhile for landlords to be proactive in this matter. Ask your tenant how they are getting on, not just in your property, but with neighbours and in the local area. If a problem has arisen, there might be a quick and easy solution which you can deliver. Therefore, it is helpful for landlords to be aware of the most problems cited by neighbours.

According to research by Good Move, 64% of people in Britain have been involved with arguments with their neighbours.

The most commonly cited reasons for complaint include:

  • Playing loud music, which was cited by 28% of respondents

  • Loud parties, said by 26% of respondents

  • Overgrowing trees or plants was cited by 19% of respondents

  • Parking issues was stated by 17% of respondents

Other problems include noisy children, fences and bins.

Many people experience problems with their neighbours

When it comes to having issues with neighbours, the break-down across various parts of the UK is as follows:

  • 72% of Welsh respondents cited problems with their neighbours

  • 70% of people in the north of England cited problems

  • 69% of people in South West England discussed problems with neighbours

  • 63% of people in South East England cited neighbourly problems

  • 60% of people in Scotland spoke about problems with their neighbours

Nima Ghasri is a Director at Good Move and he said; “It’s interesting to see just how many people have had disputes with their neighbours across the UK and the factors that caused these arguments. If you’re experiencing issues with your neighbour, I’d always advise to try and discuss the problem with your neighbour first. If you’re worried about approaching them, maybe write a letter and explain the problem clearly. If, however, the problems become serious, I’d recommend making a formal complaint to your local council.”

At Andrew Lees, we are pleased to say we know the local area well, and disputes are not too common. However, we are happy to assist you managing rental property, and if we can offer any assistance in ensuring your tenants are happy, we will do so.

As an experienced letting agent serving the Bridgwater community, and many of the surrounding areas, we are here to help. We promise to stay in touch with the latest technology, helping our clients to achieve more, and we aim to support the local community as best we can. If there is anything, we can assist you with; please contact Andrew Lees Lettings today.